Sample Email: The God Of Healing

young boy holding cardboard sign reads I am healed!
Exodus 15:1-27
For I am the Lord that healeth thee (15:26).

The God Of Healing

   Only God can heal, and all healing is divine healing. If there is healing, God does it. Doctors can operate, cut, saw, sew, prescribe, and diagnose, but only God can heal.

   It may not be in God’s will for healing to occur in a given case, but we have every scriptural right to look to heaven for healing.
   (1) We have the right because of who and what God is. His very name is Jehovah Ropheka, “I am the Lord that healeth thee.”
   (2) We have the right because of the example and the ministry of our Savior (Matt. 8:16-17).
   (3) We have this right because of the Spirit’s indwelling (Rom. 8:11).

   All three persons of the Godhead are pledged to this remembrance of our infirmities in saving, healing grace.

   God has healed in days past in answer to prayer. God healed Abimelech when Abraham prayed for him (Gen. 20:17). God healed Miriam when Moses prayed for her (Num. 12:13-14). God healed Hezekiah when the king turned his face to the wall and with bitter weeping asked God for length of days (Isa. 38:4-5). Jesus healed the leper who in faith prayed to Him (Matt. 8:2).

   At a church dinner for men and boys, I heard the testimony of one who had won the Olympic title of the strongest man in the world. To my amazement he began his talk by telling about a divine healing experience. When he was a little boy four years of age, the doctors said he could not live. But a godly grandfather brought his sorrow to a pastor who prayed to God for the life of the child. The lad was miraculously delivered. The God of healing is available to hear our petitions.