A Letter from Dr. Criswell

No appeal could be more nearly a reflection of the heart of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, than this urgent hope that you will support our Foundation as it seeks to make possible the ministry of help to the young people who are preparing at our Criswell College for the desperately needed work that lies before them in the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many things in the purview of any young man or woman, but none is more desperately needed or more heavenly blessed than the efforts of a God-called young man or woman who has given himself or herself to the declaration of the Gospel that saves the soul and the life in this world and in the world to come.
If this message falls into your hands and you love the Lord Jesus and want to be a part of seeking the salvation of lost souls, then may the Lord God in heaven bless you as you make a generous investment of cash, property, stock or designate in your will a tithe of your estate to The Criswell Foundation.

The Criswell Foundation is God’s answer to the need of an instrument for the preaching and teaching of the Gospel and the salvation of the lost. Insofar as you are able, support the work of The Criswell Foundation, and may God bless you as we pray His Holy Spirit will bless the Foundation itself.

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